The failure of government transparency

It was with great frustration that I read the Information Commissioner's report  on the performance of the Canadian government in responding to citizen's Access to Information Requests. (OIC Report - Out of Time) Given that Harper campaigned on the concept of open government and placed into law the Federal Accountability Act back in 2006, specifically to address the… Continue reading The failure of government transparency

Building Next-Generation Network Security Processors

PUBLISHED IN COMMSDESIGN.COM - July 12, 2000 (PDF) By Stephen Davis and Mel Roberts As business-critical virtual private networks (VPNs) flourish, security considerations are compounded. A solution encompassing software programmability and scaleable hardware is an important step toward designing and implementing tomorrow's secure networks. The demand for security processing capability in common communication products such… Continue reading Building Next-Generation Network Security Processors

Building the 100% Encrypted Web

By Stephen Davis, P. Eng., Chief Architect, Chrysalis-ITS, Ottawa, Canada  iApplianceWeb (09/26/02, 11:44:46 PM EDT) (PDF, Link) Advances in silicon-based cryptographic and protocol accelerationtechnologies are allowing wire-rate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) solutions to become a reality. ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products) are now available which support10,000 SSL session set-ups per second, utilizing an area of silicon… Continue reading Building the 100% Encrypted Web

Chrysalis-ITS kills semi division as part of cutbacks

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 8/16/2001 12:48 PM EDT (PDF, Link) OTTAWA — Security specialist Chrysalis-ITS laid off more than half its staff Wednesday (Aug. 15), closing its semiconductor division in the process. The company went from 182 to 80 employees, and the laid-off staff included 55 employees working on network-security chips. Chrysalis-ITS cited a delay… Continue reading Chrysalis-ITS kills semi division as part of cutbacks

Andes ASICs bypass TCP layer to secure transactions

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 2/12/2001 11:01 AM EST (PDF, Link) A startup called Andes Networks Inc. has devised a way to dramatically accelerate Secure Socket Layer transactions by bypassing the Layer 4 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) session. The company is aiming for nothing less than a radical revision of how secure HTTP transactions are conducted.Andes,… Continue reading Andes ASICs bypass TCP layer to secure transactions

Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 4/25/2000 1:06 PM EDT (PDF, Link) KANATA, Ontario ( ChipWire) -- Chrysalis-ITS Inc. here today debuted a single-chip security processor for handling encryption and virtual private network (VPN) management. The Luna 340 utilizes five independent RISC cores from ARC Cores, four dedicated to symmetric security processing and the fifth used for asymmetric… Continue reading Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores