Startups (are) for dummies

OK not really..and given that I have been involved with more than 20 start ups in my time I am kicking myself just as hard as the next guy who dreams of bootstrapping his (or her) self to technology stardom. Truth be told startups drive innovation in high-tech. Progress would be slower if garage entrepreneurs, home coders,... Continue Reading →

Disruptive Innovation = Market Success

I stumbled upon this “old” article that perfectly captures my frustration at the executive response to in-house innovation that I have encountered over and over again in my career in high-tech. INNOVATE ON PURPOSE Why do we want innovations yet fear innovation? Working now as an advisor to early stage tech startups, at various stages of... Continue Reading →

The Freemium Business Model

This highlights the concern I have with the freemium business model that is so popular with online service providers and app vendors. Some of them do it right and some do it so very wrong. The trouble is finding the right mix of features that allows people using your product to have a good experience... Continue Reading →

Just Released by Skyreader Media – Wiggens Makes Friends at the San Diego Zoo

Wiggens is back in an all new adventure set at the San Diego Zoo in his first fully interactive iPad ebook app! Having earned praise from the likes of Martha Stewart and Tom Brokaw with their first collaboration, Wiggens Learns His Manners At the Four Seasons Restaurant, best-selling author Leslie McGuirk and co-author and restaurateur Alex... Continue Reading →

Atomic Betty Preview

Local Ottawa company, Skyreader Media, releases iPad app, Atomic Betty Preview @skyreadermedia #in Atomic Betty Preview reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Atomic Betty Preview on the App Store. Download Atomic Betty Preview and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The new garage entrepreneur

A buddy of mine just released his new iPhone game Mine Blast, cool puzzle concept, not one I have ever seen before. He poured an amazing amount of effort into it...I am very curious to see how it does. With millions of apps sold every year (2.5 billion to be exact) there is still room... Continue Reading →

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