WoD “Hails” – Double Pyramid

Kettle bell workout with a bit of cardio thrown in for flavour!! Let’s name this one “Hails” 😉 5 KettleBell Swings (double handed) 20kg bell 10 Sets of Stairs (up and down) 10 Wall Balls (18lb ball) 30 sec rest 10 KB, 8 Stairs, 10 WB, 30 sec 15 KB, 6 Stairs, 10 WB, 30 secContinue reading “WoD “Hails” – Double Pyramid”

The Road to the Ultra

Not sure what I was thinking but I just added a Spartan Ultra Beast to my race calendar for 2015. If you are not familiar with Spartan races they are obstacle courses races usually held at ski hills. Lots of climbing, lots of running, lots of tough obstacles, and if you fall off anything, lotsContinue reading “The Road to the Ultra”

Musings of an Aging Middle Distance Runner (or Is there really a marathon on my bucket list?)

September and back to school always brings with it a desire to set goals for next year. Forget that I still have three (4,5,6??) more races in the calendar before the end of the year (including Spartan Beast World Championships and the MEC Ottawa Half Marathon). Before setting new goals I always feel the needContinue reading “Musings of an Aging Middle Distance Runner (or Is there really a marathon on my bucket list?)”

Spartan Beast Ottawa Results – July 27, 2014

Congrats to all the Greco Colonnade spartans who completed the Beast (and the Spartan Trifecta) this past Sunday. It was the culmination of a year of hard training!! Way to go!!!   Results (2040 finishers) 78        Steve Davis        3hr43 80 Michelle Power 3hr44 806 Chris Finlay 5hr23 1694 EricContinue reading “Spartan Beast Ottawa Results – July 27, 2014”

Race Schedule – 2014

My race schedule, so far…suggestions are welcome! May 19th – 13Km – Spartan Super at Mont Tremblant (registered, completed) May 31st – 6km – Mud Hero Ottawa (registered, completed) June 28th – 7km – Spartan Sprint at Edelwiess  (registered, completed) June 29th – 7km – Spartan Sprint at Edelwiess  (registered, completed) July 12th – 20km – Tough Mudder in Bromont  (registered,Continue reading “Race Schedule – 2014”