HiiT @ Greco Colonnade

High Intensity Interval Training...circuit training...boot camp. You may know of these classes by various names but  in all cases they will provide an amazing workout, build your cardio endurance, cut fat and build muscle, guaranteed. @GrecoColonnade our unique classes are much more than a series of exercise sessions. Your fitness sessions are a physical, psychological and... Continue Reading →

Race Schedule – 2014

My race schedule, so far...suggestions are welcome! May 19th - 13Km - Spartan Super at Mont Tremblant (registered, completed) May 31st - 6km - Mud Hero Ottawa (registered, completed) June 28th - 7km - Spartan Sprint at Edelwiess  (registered, completed) June 29th - 7km - Spartan Sprint at Edelwiess  (registered, completed) July 12th - 20km - Tough Mudder in Bromont  (registered,... Continue Reading →

My Cousin

My cousin Paul died last Friday . He died after a long battle with cancer, a battle he fought in the same way that I remember him living his life, with a positive outlook and a stubborn determination to overcome. He was the closest in age to me of all my cousins, only two months... Continue Reading →

Technology will not solve Publishers eBook problems.

It is hard to tell if this article on ePub3 could be any more wrong The publishing industry has a problem, and EPUB is not the solution http://toc.oreilly.com/2013/02/the-publishing-industry-has-a-problem-and-epub-is-not-the-solution.html The author, a smart guy I assume, seems to believe that technology and more accurately, the right technology, and even more specifically DRM free, zero cost, open... Continue Reading →

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