Building eBooks Made Easy

Published in the Ottawa Citizen – Saturday February 27, 2012 – written by Vito Pileici (PDF) — OTTAWA — Skyreader Media is hoping to jump-start a fresh wave of growth in the world of eBooks. The Toronto company, which is a subsidiary of Skywriter Media & Entertainment, does its software development here in Ottawa and isContinue reading “Building eBooks Made Easy”

Disintermediation – It is possible and also necessary

It is happening in both the video game market and the ebook market. The sales and distribution model is broken, new tools are being developed that allow the authors or developers to bring their product directly to the consumer. The publishers are doing everything they can to stop progress. The model is broken and mustContinue reading “Disintermediation – It is possible and also necessary”

Skyreader Media Inc. among local Ottawa firms recently signing new agreements.

Excerpt from the Ottawa Business Journal, March 6, 2012, —- Skyreader Media Inc., Corporate Renaissance Group, March Networks, Solacom Technologies and Telesat Holdings Inc. among local firms recently signing new agreements. Skyreader Media Inc., which has a presence in Ottawa, has teamed up with the San Diego Zoo to produce three interactive e-books for children. TentativelyContinue reading “Skyreader Media Inc. among local Ottawa firms recently signing new agreements.”