Comment on : The Tipping Point

Feb 16, 2010 – Original Post  Here It seems to me that the best tactic to use with the protesters is to simply take away their access to the public stage. If they are from out of town, send them back, arrest them and transfer them back to their home town for processing. Make itContinue reading “Comment on : The Tipping Point”

Comment On : Protesting the Olympics: For and Against

Feb. 11, 2010 – Original Post Here My concern, as always in these situations is that the protests will turn violent, they always do. I doubt 1 in 20 protesters even know what they are protesting about or can in 100 words or less tell you why they are attending the rally. They are thereContinue reading “Comment On : Protesting the Olympics: For and Against”

Comment On : Anarchy Threatens the Protest

From Feb. 10, 2010 – Original Post Here Instead of passively accepting the violence that these protesters will wreak upon the city of Vancouver why not mobilize the positive support for the Olympics and show them that we, as a society, are not interested in the noise they make. There is a time and placeContinue reading “Comment On : Anarchy Threatens the Protest”

Comment On: Rampant Consumerism

From Dec. 3, 2008 – Original Post Here Rampant consumerism will never be controlled from the top-down, too many companies making too much money. The entire North American economy is supported by the availability of credit. What government would risk playing in that minefield? For the consumer there are too many easy escape mechanisms inContinue reading “Comment On: Rampant Consumerism”