Building eBooks Made Easy

Published in the Ottawa Citizen – Saturday February 27, 2012 – written by Vito Pileici (PDF) — OTTAWA — Skyreader Media is hoping to jump-start a fresh wave of growth in the world of eBooks. The Toronto company, which is a subsidiary of Skywriter Media & Entertainment, does its software development here in Ottawa and is... Continue Reading →

Why Programmers Work At Night

Read the complete article here (Business Insider) --- A popular saying goes that programmers are machines that turn caffeine into code. And sure enough, ask a random programmer when they do their best work and there’s a high chance they will admit to a lot of late nights. Some earlier, some later. A popular trend is to get... Continue Reading →

Facebook goes native

My response to Rob Woodbridge's email from (see below) Finally, a company that sees the light. I have been lobbying against HTML5 in mobile (and desktop) as an application solution for a couple years now. Every time I run up against a new project we sit down and assess HTML5 against the capabilities and... Continue Reading →

Cool Video Clip App

I know I am probably behind the curve on this but I started using Viddy yesterday and I am impressed. Besides the video effects and background sound I like the simple uploading to Facebook it provides. I could never understand why Facebook integrated the photo upload but not the video upload. To get a video... Continue Reading →

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