Technology will not solve Publishers eBook problems.

It is hard to tell if this article on ePub3 could be any more wrong The publishing industry has a problem, and EPUB is not the solution The author, a smart guy I assume, seems to believe that technology and more accurately, the right technology, and even more specifically DRM free, zero cost, open... Continue Reading →

Startups (are) for dummies

OK not really..and given that I have been involved with more than 20 start ups in my time I am kicking myself just as hard as the next guy who dreams of bootstrapping his (or her) self to technology stardom. Truth be told startups drive innovation in high-tech. Progress would be slower if garage entrepreneurs, home coders,... Continue Reading →

The Freemium Business Model

This highlights the concern I have with the freemium business model that is so popular with online service providers and app vendors. Some of them do it right and some do it so very wrong. The trouble is finding the right mix of features that allows people using your product to have a good experience... Continue Reading →

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