Chrysalis-ITS Announces Network Security Processors.

Press Release - 4/26/2000 3:00 PM EDT (PDF, Link) Burlingame, CA--April 25, 2000--Chrysalis-ITS, developer of systemand semiconductor products for networks and e-business,announced a new class of network security processors at the NextGeneration Networks Conference. As the core networking hardware market evolves from fast rigid ASICs, to new fast and flexible Network Processors,network security processing becomes extremely... Continue Reading →


Net processors take fresh twists at N+I

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 5/12/2000 6:59 PM EDT (PDF, Link) LAS VEGAS—The legacy of the first wave of network processors began to unfold at the Networld+Interop show this week, as chip suppliers made their play to collapse more networking functions into silicon. Potentially, more and more of the jobs of a traditional switch, down to... Continue Reading →

Andes ASICs bypass TCP layer to secure transactions

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 2/12/2001 11:01 AM EST (PDF, Link) A startup called Andes Networks Inc. has devised a way to dramatically accelerate Secure Socket Layer transactions by bypassing the Layer 4 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) session. The company is aiming for nothing less than a radical revision of how secure HTTP transactions are conducted.Andes,... Continue Reading →

Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores Chrysalis-ITS launches security chip using five RISC cores

EETIMES - Loring Wirbel - 4/25/2000 1:06 PM EDT (PDF, Link) KANATA, Ontario ( ChipWire) -- Chrysalis-ITS Inc. here today debuted a single-chip security processor for handling encryption and virtual private network (VPN) management. The Luna 340 utilizes five independent RISC cores from ARC Cores, four dedicated to symmetric security processing and the fifth used for asymmetric... Continue Reading →

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