Spartan Training Sessions

If are training for your 1st or 10th Spartan Race (or any of the other obstacle course races) this summer or have your sights set on next year then we can help. We offer individual and¬†group training session, in gym and¬†outside. We can help you complete your first¬†race and improve your time on your 5th.... Continue Reading →

HiiT @ Greco Colonnade

High Intensity Interval Training...circuit training...boot camp. You may know of these classes by various names but ¬†in all cases they will provide an amazing workout, build your cardio endurance, cut fat and build muscle, guaranteed. @GrecoColonnade¬†our unique classes are much more than a series of exercise sessions. Your fitness sessions are a physical, psychological and... Continue Reading →

The Dream

American Diana Nyad gives up latest Cuba-U.S. swim attempt.... I watched Diana's lecture on the TED website (here) and was very moved by her courage and determination. I was really hoping that she would make it this time. I highly recommend the watching the TED lecture,¬†Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world's most dangerous jellyfish... Continue Reading →

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