Tech Overview

• Product architect in the field of embedded software, mobile, web and platform development• Serial entrepreneur (tech and fitness), triathlete and endurance running enthusiast.• Experienced technical team builder and leader• Professional engineer (PEO) with over 30 years of experience• B.Eng in System Engineering from Carleton University, 1986 <download PDF> Technical Skills Experience team builder and… Continue reading Tech Overview


Patent Awards (pdf) Object Selection Across Multiple ProcessesUS6225994 (2001-05-01)Packet Encryption System and MethodUS6959346 (2005-10-25)US7631116 (2009-12-09)CAN2432322 (2012-07-24)US8639912 (2014-01-28)US9325811 (2016-04-26)Calculating Apparatus having a plurality of Stages US7017064 (2006-03-21)US7694045 (2010-04-06) Patent Applications Object Selection Across Multiple ProcessesCAN                  2221648           1997-11-20System and method for secure data distribution and retrieval using encrypted media CAN 25122975 2005-07-22US 2006-0020550 2006-01-26Selective Video Encryption Method… Continue reading Patents

Disruptive Innovation = Market Success

I stumbled upon this “old” article that perfectly captures my frustration at the executive response to in-house innovation that I have encountered over and over again in my career in high-tech. INNOVATE ON PURPOSE Why do we want innovations yet fear innovation? Working now as an advisor to early stage tech startups, at various stages of… Continue reading Disruptive Innovation = Market Success

Cardio is Dead, Long Live Cardio

I read this article (The Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin) and struggled to figure out where to agree and where to violently disagree . Being a runner and triathlete I obviously have some bias, yet I currently own a gym that specializes in high intensity interval training, I am a personal trainer and yoga… Continue reading Cardio is Dead, Long Live Cardio

Startups (are) for dummies

OK not really..and given that I have been involved with more than 20 start ups in my time I am kicking myself just as hard as the next guy who dreams of bootstrapping his (or her) self to technology stardom. Truth be told startups drive innovation in high-tech. Progress would be slower if garage entrepreneurs, home coders,… Continue reading Startups (are) for dummies

Personal Training and Yoga Instruction

Lose Weight - Get in Shape - Run Faster As a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer I am always looking for new people to work with to help them get back in shape, help them recover from injury or to help them attain better results in their various athletic pursuits. Philosophy Fitness is accessible to… Continue reading Personal Training and Yoga Instruction

Marketing your iPhone Application – A Starter’s Guide

So, you have created your first (or tenth) iPhone app and want to start selling it. Well according to Apple, all you have to do is upload it to the App Store and wait for the cash to start rolling in. But wait, you just noticed the other 500,000 apps in the App Store! Where… Continue reading Marketing your iPhone Application – A Starter’s Guide