My Goals – Revised for 2013

Setting a goal is key to getting back in shape, at least it is for me. I work out more consistently and I am able to track my progress when I have a race or event to target. In this case I am able to set a goal (goals) that also coincide with races that I want to complete and/or perform better than the last time I raced.

At this time I have two goals:

  • complete a 50k trail ultra in under 5 hrs
  • complete a Half Ironman race, also in under 5 hrs

I want to add a full Ironman to the list but that will wait until I am officially retired (maybe in a couple years). Training for those events is incredibly time consuming!

And I want to do this before (or at least in the year) I turn 62 (revised for 2013). I am 59 now so I have 3-ish years and 3 summer racing seasons to try to achieve these goals. This summer is going to be the magic. I have lost a lot of the base I had before COVID, but I know how to get there, I just need to do it.

After starting this blog I realized that there are multiple interpretations to the title:

  • Running either/both of the races in 5 hrs by the time I am 60 61 (5 by 60)
  • Each race can be broken into 5, 60 mins sections (5 x 60)

I am hoping to fill this blog with my experiences as I go along, tips on nutrition, training, feelings, successes, disappointments and accomplishments.

If you find yourself reading, I hope it helps you find your own motivation and goals.

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