Cannabis Vape 101: How To Vape and the Science Behind It

(Published May 27, 2019 – original article)

Vaping itself isn’t really a new thing; you’ve probably seen a vape before. But cannabis vapes—more specifically cannabis extract vape cartridges and pens—are definitely new, and the technology behind them is pretty exciting.

If you like cannabis, science, reading, or any combination of the three, you’re in for a treat. If you like none of those things, well, we’re not sure how you got here.

Table of contents

Types of Cannabis Vapes

The word vape is pretty broad, right? There are a lot of different products that use the name “vape,” and you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute… I already use a cannabis vape, so how are these new? You must be making it up.” Well, we’re not. Until October 2019, , in the cannabis world, only dried flower vapes were legal. Cannabis extract vapes work a little differently. 

Dried Cannabis Flower Vapes

With a dried flower vape, the actual flower itself is used and heated to release the active compounds. You still need to get the cannabis flower,  grind it, and add it to the vape—it’s a whole process. Once the cannabis is heated, the active compounds are released as a vapour (hence the name), which is what you inhale. Vaping might reduce exposure to combustion by-products that you might inhale from smoking cannabis, but it’s still quite a bit of effort.

Extract Vapes

Extract vapes were legalized in Canada in October 2019. They contain cannabis extract instead of dried flower; using a heating element (which is called an atomizer… sweet name), the extract is heated, which releases its active compounds as a vapour. 

Extract vapes offer a discreet and portable cannabis experience. They can be sold as standalone cartridges (which contain the cannabis extract) and need to be paired with a battery (which can be recharged); or they can be sold as an all-in-one vape pen. It really depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for. 

Tweed 510 vape cartridges are compatible with 510-threaded vape batteries, such as JUJU PowerTM. It’s a rechargeable and compact cannabis extract vape battery, rolled up in a sleek design. One of the benefits of JUJU Power is its buttonless activation, which means you won’t be worrying about button combinations to unlock your vape. The vape cartridge and battery are sold separately, allowing you to personalize your cannabis experience.

Ready-to-Use Vapes (Vape Pens)

Ready-to-use Tweed vape pens are the “all-in-one” vaping option. It’s all you need, from start to finish—and always ready when you are. Once the cannabis extract is gone, the vape pen can be recycled (more on that later). Ready-to-use vape pens might be a good option if you’re not a frequent user, or if you’re looking to give a vape as a gift—there’s less commitment involved.

Bakerstreet Houndstooth and Penelope vape 510 cartridges with mouthpiece tank and atomizer

There may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping:

THC & CBD Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis distillate is a concentrated cannabis extract used in beverages, edibles, and—extract vapes. Cannabis distillate can contain high concentrations of the source plant’s cannabinoids.

How is It Made?

In order to make cannabis distillate, you need to go through some pretty sciency stuff (yes, that’s the technical term for it). Through CO2 extraction, raw cannabis materials are combined with carbon dioxide that’s in a liquid state. These two are put under extreme pressure, then the pressure is slowly released. What’s left is CO2 in a gaseous state, which is released, leaving behind a concentrated cannabis extract.

The sciency stuff isn’t done yet, though—the extract still needs to go through short-path distillation. This process uses precise vacuum and heat control to turn a regular cannabis extract into a refined cannabis extract, or cannabis distillate. Now it’s ready to be added into products.

See? Sciency. 

Anatomy of a Cannabis Vape Pen 

Every vape (whether it’s a ready-to-use vape pen or a combined vape cartridge and vape battery) has its own unique style and features, but there are four things every cannabis extract vape needs: a mouthpiece, a battery, a heating element, and some kind of extract. As for our vapes, this is what you can expect:

Tweed 510 Vape Cartridges

Our Tweed 510 vape carts are made with quality materials like surgical-grade stainless steel, high-quality ceramic, and borosilicate glass. These materials have a high heat resistance, and they can reduce chemical leaching into your vape extract. Just screw the cartridge into a compatible, 510-threaded battery, and you’re ready to go.

Mouthpiece chamber and atomizer of a Tweed cannabis vape 510 cartridge

There may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping:

1. Mouthpiece: where you inhale

2. Tank/chamber: contains cannabis extract you’ll vapourize

3. Atomizer: the small heating element that vapourizes the cannabis extract

Tweed 510 vape cartridges can be used with JUJU PowerTM, our cutting edge vape battery. Housed inside the sleek design of JUJU PowerTM is rechargeable and compact cannabis extract vape battery. JUJU PowerTM is optimized to provide you with an elevated vaping experience.

Tweed 510 vape cartridge with JUJU Power rechargeable battery attached laying horizontally

Battery and cartridge sold separately. There may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping:

1. 510 cartridge: the part that holds the cannabis extract

2. Rechargeable battery (sold separately): gives power to the atomizer

Tweed Ready-to-Use Vape Pens

Tweed vape pens also have a mouthpiece, battery, heating element, and cannabis extract; they’re just all built together. It’s all you need, from start to finish—and always ready when you are.

There may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping:

1. Mouthpiece: where you inhale 

2. Tank/chamber: contains the cannabis extract you’ll vaporize, along with the heating element

3. Built-in battery: good for the life of the vape pen  

So yeah, Tweed vape pens are pretty simple. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn and more questions to answer. So why not check out the Tweed vape pen user guide and FAQs?

Closed System vs Open System

You might hear the terms “closed system” and “open system” when people talk about vapes, and even though it sounds complicated, it’s really not.

“Open system” refers to vape products that can be interchanged with a standard connection, and aren’t limited to a specific brand or product. For example, a Tweed 510 cartridge can fit with any compatible, 510-threaded battery, such as the JUJU Power battery. 

On the other hand, “closed system” refers to a single-brand vape ecosystem where proprietary, disposable pods are designed for use with the reusable vape battery. For instance, the Tokyo Smoke Luma pods can only be used with the Tokyo Smoke Luma battery. The pieces were designed in tandem and can only work with each other—they form a closed system. It might sound a little exclusive, but it’s all part of providing the best, curated, user experience.

Comparison of Tweed Bakerstreet closed system cannabis vape and open system 510 vape

Battery and cartridge sold separately. There may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping:

Vape Safety Concerns

Obviously, there’s been a lot of news coverage about the safety of vapes, and that’s a valid concern. Part of the issue with some of those other vapes you’ve heard about is that some of them contain diluents and additives such as vitamin E acetate and vegetable glycerin, which might be linked to the more dangerous effects of vaping. We wanted to make sure we took measures to provide a vape we stand by, so we avoided those ingredients entirely.

There may be health risks associated with cannabis use and vaping that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of vaping and cannabis:

UL Certification

The JUJU Power and Tweed Vape Pens, along with the Tokyo Smoke Luma Vape battery, are UL 8139 Certified™, which means the hardware components (including the battery) are safe to use. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety certification that checks for electrical and fire safety, as well as hazardous substances, performance testing, and compliance education (among other things). 

Long story short: if it’s not UL certified, its electrical components might not be safe. 

Long story shorter: UL certification = important and good. 

Responsible Use

Vaping cannabis extract might be new territory for some, and even if it’s not, you could always do with a refresher on consuming responsibly.

Onset and Duration

When you vape cannabis, you could feel the effects within seconds to minutes. These effects could  last up to six hours, and in some cases as long as 24 hours. It’s always important to start low and go slow when consuming cannabis, especially if you’re trying a new format or strain for the first time.

Vape Extract Strength 

Every vape product will have the THC and CBD levels printed clearly on the package. Always check what the potency of a product is before consuming it. If you’re new to cannabis, Health Canada recommends  a “product containing 2.5 mg of THC or less or 10% THC (100 mg/g) or less, and an equal or higher amount of CBD.”


You can buy cannabis extract vapes anywhere you can legally buy cannabis in Canada, depending on availability, so that’s a bonus.  Each province has its own regulations when it comes to where you can vape cannabis, so make sure you know the rules in your area.

As for how much you can carry, the limit is still 30 g of dried cannabis or the equivalent. The “equivalent” part is what you need to focus on for vapes. Each label will contain the equivalency to dried cannabis on the packaging, making it easier for Canadians to adhere to the public possession limit.

Cannabis vapes are limited to a maximum 1000 mg of THC per package, but we’ll have some vapes that offer lower amounts for those who want it. Right now there aren’t any limits as to how much CBD a vape can contain. If that changes, then we will too. We’re kind of sticklers for the rules around here.

Recycling Cannabis Packaging

Creating more waste isn’t something we want to do, which is why we partnered with TerraCycle to create the Tweed | TerraCycle Cannabis Vape Recycling Program. We’ll take any cannabis vape batteries and cartridges from Canopy Growth brands and recycle the materials to create new products. We worked hand-in-hand with TerraCycle to make sure our vapes were made with materials that can be given a second life.

Oh, would you look at that? A list of Canopy Growth brands whose vape batteries and cartridges we’ll accept:  


JUJU Joints

Tokyo Smoke


If you have cannabis packaging to dispose of, we’ll take that off your hands with the Tweed | TerraCycle Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program.

Illicit Market

If the products on the illicit market were safe, then they wouldn’t be on the illicit market, now would they? Like we talked about earlier, other vapes can contain dangerous additives in their cannabis extracts which could lead to an unsafe vaping experience. Plus, there’s no way of knowing where the cannabis these people use comes from. We closely monitor our growing process and conduct extensive tests to make sure our cannabis isn’t contaminated with pesticides or other gross things like that. The growers on the illicit market can’t say the same. 

What We’ve Learned

●      Cannabis vapes involve science.

●      Cannabis vapes come in different formats.

●      We stand by our cannabis vapes.

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