Personal Training and Yoga Instruction

Lose Weight – Get in Shape – Run Faster

As a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer I am always looking for new people to work with to help them get back in shape, help them recover from injury or to help them attain better results in their various athletic pursuits.



Fitness is accessible to everyone. By setting appropriate goals, putting a plan in place and working towards those goals you can get in shape, get back in shape or improve your fitness. Whether you are looking at running your first 5K, are training for your 10th marathon, want to lose weight or want to improve your bench press, we can help.

Most people have a hard time motivating themselves, a personal trainer can help motivate while ensuring your training is continuing to evolve in the right direction.

Many people can also find themselves stagnating in their routines, a personal trainer can help move past those barriers and help attain continued improvements.


  • Owner of Greco Colonnade
    • circuit training and personal training gymspartan finish
  • Certified yoga instructor and personal trainer
  • Former elite-level triathlete
    • 2:01 personal best at Olympic distance (1.5k, 40k, 10k)
  • Competitive Middle Distance Runner
    • 35 min 10K
    • 58 min 15K,
    • currently competing in Spartan 24K races

I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years. I completed my 200 hour certification two years ago. I am currently working towards my 500 hour certification while moving my practice forward in both the physical and mindfulness realms.

My classes focus on a combination of strength and flexibility and allow beginners and experienced yogis alike to engage in a vigorous and relaxing practice.

I am available to lead private or corporate classes, drop me a line and we can work out the details.

yoga 011

7 Benefits of Yoga

Physical: The movements of yoga will carve out a long, lean, strong, and confident body.

Mental: All those deep breaths reset your mind back to its natural state: calm, focused, and sharp.

Psychological: All the focusing inward illuminates our behaviors and tendencies. The same habits we have on our mat are the ones we have in our lives. We see this, and we gain the freedom of choice. Who do I want to be? We get to create or re- create ourselves each day. Regular practice gives you a clear mind and the inspiration and courage to be constantly expanding and improving your life.

Neurological: When your brain is “on yoga” your neurological system is brought back into balance and is conditioned to steer you naturally toward a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are constantly rewired to make whatever we practice get easier. When we practice healthy, balanced living we get more healthy, balanced living.

Intuitive: When there is tension in the body and mind, your intuition gets buried and your body switches to survival mode. Your yoga practice makes space in your body physically, releases tension, and calms your mind, making room for your intuition to float to the surface and guide you.

Creative: Creative juices start to flow when your body and mind begin to release mental blocks. Creativity doesn’t like to come out when there are stressors, whether from physical tension or mental cloudiness. When the stress melts away, creativity can come out to play.

Connected: Yoga is the practice of getting connected. However you choose to view your spirituality, when you practice yoga, you remember that we all are connected, here to help each other, and that we have so much potential when we are kind to others.

Contact me and let’s chat about how to move forward.

email – steve [at]

cell – +1 [six one three] 797 6222

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