7 Reasons to Love IRONMAN 70.3


Original article here

…The IRONMAN 70.3 is a friendly distance. It’s a challenging step up from shorter-distance races (sprints and Olympic/international) to “test” yourself at a longer, more endurance-focused event. Once you complete one, you’ll probably know whether you’re hooked, or whether you’re more suited to training and racing shorter events. If you’ve only done short races, a 70.3 is a significant feat to tackle, and one worthy of respect. On the flip side, the distance is also a reasonable (I hesitate to say “easy”) step down from IRONMAN. If you’re an athlete who jumped straight into the full distance, the half distance provides a taste of speedy, peppy racing that can be addictive in its own right. Once you’ve completed a few IRONMAN races, maintaining the fitness to do a 70.3 is a no-brainer….

Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2013/11/7-reasons-to-love-70.3.aspx#ixzz3SOcdVOvK


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