Spartan Training Sessions

If are training for your 1st or 10th Spartan Race (or any of the other obstacle course races) this summer or have your sights set on next year then we can help.


We offer individual and group training session, in gym and outside. We can help you complete your first race and improve your time on your 5th. You will feel stronger and more confident as you tackle these gruelling events.

The most frequent question I get asked “What do I need to do to train for a Spartan Race”?

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Run
  2. Run Uphill
  3. Run Downhill
  4. Join a gym
  5. Run Trails


Ok, that may seem obvious but the majority of people that enter these races can’t see past the obstacles, the monkey bars, the rope climb, the 8 foot walls and the mud pits. The reality is that most of the races are in the 10km to 15km range with the Spartan Beast coming in between 21km and 24km in most situations.

To top it off the races are now mostly being held at ski hills so the running is up and downhill, both of which pose unique challenges if all you normally do is run on the road. The Montreal Spartan Super had 7000ft of vertical over 12km at Mont Tremblant ski resort (6 times up the ski hill) and the Ottawa Spartan Beast had 6000ft of vertical over a 21km course at Mont Ste Marie (4 times up the hill and a 10km trail run to finish off the race).

Learning to run on trails and in mud is an invaluable skill and will serve you well in these races. Running is a necessity but you will also need to develop upper body strength as the obstacles are mostly about climbing over and up things or swinging under things, which is where the gym work comes in handy.

We are offering specifically designed personal training programs for individuals and groups (4 to 6 max) that combine strength work, flexibility and running sessions to get you ready for the obstacle course racing season coming up.

Contact me and let’s chat about how to move forward.

email – steve [at]

cell – +1 613 797 6222

skype – danlargo


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