Greco Spartan Training is Back


We have had quite a few members express interest in continuing our weekly
Greco Lean and Fit for Spartan classes throughout the fall and winter to get
ready for the Spartan season in 2014. 

Whether you are doing the 5K Sprint, the 12K Super, the 24k Beast, or you
are looking to complete the Trifecta, the specialized training at Greco
Colonnade will help you get there.

We started the Lean and Fit for Spartan classes on Sunday October 27th at
9am and will continue each Sunday through next summer. Take your training to
the next level!

Classes are 90 minutes long and will always include a 15 or 20 minute run,
so make sure you are properly equipped.

We will be creating workout sessions that are challenging yet accessible to
everyone and will be providing running plans suitable for the length of race
you are attempting.

We will touch base with each member throughout the year to make sure the
training is progressing.

For now the classes are inside but we will be moving the class outside in
the spring and will then add in a weekly trail run on a different day to
allow everyone to get together and experience the difference between street
running and the vertical challenges of trail running.

Classes are free to all Greco Colonnade members and available to all others
on a drop in fee of $10.00 per class so bring your friends along for the

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