Stairway to Heaven


I stumbled across this amazing version of Stairway to Heaven on Youtube last night and had to listen to it, just as I listen to any version of the song, anytime, anywhere. I would guess that anyone that went to high school in the 70’s (and early 80’s) would feel the same.

It is amazing how a few notes on a guitar can instantly throw you kicking and screaming back to a specific time in your life.

As soon as the guitar solo starts at the 3:45 mark of the song I was, once again, that shy 15 year old, reliving that awkward moment during the slow dance, that you had just spent the entire night trying to orchestrate, when the song kicks it up to a faster pace.

Do you cling to your dance partner and desperately hope they let the slow dance last longer or do you start dancing fast?

I had chills during the entire song and was standing at the end, BBQ lighter held over my head, screaming for an encore.



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