Linking to eBooks Formats Directly from Your Web Site

What info should you put on your website so everyone who downloads your ebooks can use the files…

From LinkedIn eBook Discussion Group

My ebooks are available in 3 formats: ePub, mobi and PDF. But people pay their money then download many times before they find the file they’ve chosen. Then they can’t work out how to get that file to work on android, etc. Does anyone have a step-by-step process that anybody could follow. I don’t know enough myself to help them.


Hi Jocelyn,

I know I am weighing in here after quite a few comments but I just started following this group.

There are a couple things you should do to make it easier for your reader to get the right versions:

1. Put separate links on your web site for each eReader (as opposed to a link for each file type). Most people will not know that the MOBI version is for the Kindle and the ePub version is for Apple etc. So I would add links that are eReader specific.
– A Kindle link that points to your MOBI version
– An Apple link that points to the ePub2 version
– etc

2. You can also add Kobo, Nook, Sony and other ereader links pointing to the ePub version of the book. I would just make sure you test the ebooks in the specific ereaders before you set up the link .You can use the free software version of most ereaders on the iPad to do the testing.

3. Then add a PDF link to the PDF version of your book for those people that specifically want the PDF. They may want to read it on a laptop or on a PDF app on a tablet or in iBooks. But put it down towards the bottom of the list.

4. Add a link to “Other eReader” that points to the ePub version. But a small note that tells people to use this link for eReader that are not specifically listed on your web site.

That should solve most of your problems.

If you want to have your book sold directly by Amazon or Apple or Nook you can submit it to the self-publishing sections of those web sites. Most times it takes about a week to get a book listed for sale. They will want banking information and each site is slightly different but it is fairly painless.

Alternatively you can go to a site like Smashwords and they will submit you book to all of the book sellers (for a small percentage) and save you the hassle of interacting with all the different vendors.

Hope this helps, message me if you have any specific questions



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