The Dream

American Diana Nyad gives up latest Cuba-U.S. swim attempt….

I watched Diana’s lecture on the TED website (here) and was very moved by her courage and determination. I was really hoping that she would make it this time.

I highly recommend the watching the TED lecture, Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world’s most dangerous jellyfish

Article from the Toronto Sun, Tom Brown, Reuters, August 21, 2012


Nyad told reporters in Havana last week that she hoped her swim would inspire people her age to continue pursuing their dreams.

“Instead of staying on the couch for a lifetime and letting this precious time go by, why not be bold, be fiercely bold and go out and chase your dreams?” said Nyad, who left competitive swimming 30 years ago and has since worked in television and radio and has been a motivational speaker.

She also hoped the swim would help U.S.-Cuba relations, which have been sour since the Caribbean island’s 1959 revolution.

The Cuba-U.S. swim has only been completed once. Australian Susan Maroney was 22 and used a shark cage when she made the crossing in May 1997.

Nyad has now tried to make the swim four times, including twice last year, but never got much more than halfway before she had to give up.

Asked before this latest attempt if it would be her last, Nyad said: “This has to be it, it just has to be.”



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