SkyReader Studio – Self Publishing Tool for Animated eBooks

Skyreader Studio is the only format and platform independent, truly interactive, multi-media eBook publishing platform…in the fastest growing segment of the publishing world!

Create, Manage, Collaborate

  • We enable publishers and content creators to focus on creating, managing and collaborating on their interactive digital books
  • We are technology, platform (eReader) and channel independent, we publish to all platforms from a single digital source
  • Advanced Interactivity via Simple Drag and Drop
  • Animate, Move, Rotate, React, Narrate, Multi-path, Sound Effects, Music
  • Cloud hosted, web accessible
  • Your content is accessible all the time, from any location, from any browser
  • Extensive Content Migration Support
  • We fully support migration of existing content from a wide variety of digital sources

eBook Creation Issues

  • Lack of standardization
  •  ePub3 interactive specification is not supported on all platforms
  •  (Major Platforms (Apple, Amazon) have extended ePub3 or ignored it completely, others have no support)
  • No standard tools
  • Every platform has it’s own tool chain for creation and publishing
  • (many platforms have not native tool chain at all)
  • Coding is necessary for robust end-user experience
  •  Coding is not accessible for self-publishing community
  • (Java – Android, ObjectiveC – iOS, HTML5 for ePub3)
  • Multiple channels to market (and revenue)
  •  All ereader manufacturers have separate publishing channels  (Comprehensive testing is required on each platform prior to publishing)

We Manage Technology For You

  •  Our proprietary book format provides the same functionality as native apps
  •  (We automatically map all interactive functions to the published ePub3 standard or proprietary platform standards)
  • One Easy to Use Interactive Creation Tool
  •  Studio provides drag and drop access to all interactive features
  •  (Only one project file is needed to access all publishing formats
  • Built in preview shows look and feel for all formats at the click of a button)

No Coding Required

  •  All interactive functions available in Studio in easy to understand formats
  •  (Complete video based tutorial system helps new users access functions quickly)
  • One channel to market (and revenue)
  •  We publish seamlessly to all mobile ereader platforms, based on book creator selection
  • (Publishing to Facebook and personalize MyBooks Page is free to assist in promotion activities  Complete revenue reports and analytics are provided to all creators)

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