Coming soon, Wiggens Makes Friends at the Zoo

Wiggens brought to life in his own interactive ebook!

More Info Here!

Bestselling children’s author-illustrator Leslie McGuirk and author-restaurateur Alex von Bidder join forces again for new adventures of Wiggens at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Having mastered dining etiquette in New York City as told in the bestselling “Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons Restaurant”, Wiggens, the precocious Chocolate Labrador puppy, is about to embark on new adventures at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

In these further adventures, Wiggens visits his uncle, a Golden Lab who works at the zoo (based on a real-life dog who is a companion dog for a cheetah at the Zoo!)

Features include:

  • Interactive features on each page let you interact with the story
  • Feed the animals at the Zoo and learn what each animal eats
  • Read and watch videos to discover amazing facts about the animals

Discover the next generation of storytelling with Skyreader’s immersive and interactive children’s ebooks.

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