Interviewed by Untether.TV – How mobile is enabling the next generation of authors and publishers

This is the first of 2 parts of an interview on with Stephen Davis, CTO of Skyreader Media (by Rob Woodbridge)

The e-book world has emerged as a viable alternative to its print cousin. It has moved ahead in distribution numbers and is well on its way to democratizing the development and delivery of books. If you are an optimist like me, you look at the contribution that mobile has made to this as significant as the invention of the printing press. The change in ease with which you can publish a book independently is starting to turn the artists – writers, illustrators, musicians, etc – into entrepreneurs, the same way that mobile turned software developers into app makers and business people.

Does this shift in publishing prove the “appification” of the publishing industry or is this just another form of enhanced multi-media experience? Some say this is the way books were meant to be consumed, others look at the zombie-like effect these glowing screens have on the user and wonder if the very nature of the “book” is under assault. Whatever your view, consumers have spoken and adopted this new format of book distribution and consumption faster than any other to date.

So what does it take to build a business in this new book publishing world?

…full interview here

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