Draw Along Pip – Ridiculously Cute App!

Today I have FIVE codes for a ridiculously cute app. Draw Along Pip features one of my favourite animals, a penguin, who is very busy cleaning the house. A penguin with a feather duster…just perfect.

What makes this app even more fun is the interactive feature that allows your child to complete each page by drawing Pip and his friends. They can even draw little Pip’s slippers. The music, the colours and the narration in this app are all quirky and bright and infectious. Tot has given this the prestigious ‘awesome’ accolade.

If you’d like to win a copy, just tell me what your favourite animal is in the comments below and winners will be chosen in 24hrs, 4pm EST U.S.

Or if you can’t wait, you can get the app right now by clicking here!



Published by danlargo

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