Skyreader’s New App – Draw Along Pip!

The first interactive children’s ebook from international bestselling writer and illustrator Leslie McGuirk. Now with Skyreader’s Draw Along feature!  With over 600,000 copies sold worldwide, Leslie McGuirk originally introduced the world to Pip the Penguin through a beloved series of board books.

  • “The adventures of Pip the Penguin are among the stand-out new board books” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • “Electric bright colours give these undersized books a strong visual presence” – Publisher’s Weekly
  • “McGuirk has the knack for seeing through a child’s eyes” – The Tribune
  • Editor’s Choice with BABYTALK Magazine

Now, for the first time ever, Leslie brings Pip the Penguin to the the immersive and interactive world of the iPad.

Features include:

  • Skyreader’s new Draw Along feature! Your child completes each story page by drawing Pip and his friends
  • Explore each scene to discover interactive elements and funny surprises that kids will love and want to play over and over
  • Visuals that capture the simplicity and beauty of a child’s point of view

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