iPhone/iPad users install 80 apps per device…and other important numbers

Some very interesting stats from Apple…

  • each user installs on average 80 apps per device
  • each app is downloaded on average 45,455 times
  • each download earns the developer $0.23
  • there are 315 million iOS devices in use worldwide
  • 550,000 apps available on the App Store
These are some very interesting stats to use next time you are trying to decide whether to develop that new app.

Published by Matt Brian, March 5, 2012 on The Next Web

Announcing today the winner of its 25 billion App Store downloads ‘countup’, which saw Chinese iOS device owner Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China gain a $10,000 iTunes gift card, Apple’s latest figures have given us a good overview of how well its iOS ecosystem is performing.

Apple stated in its press release that there are more than 315 million iOS devices in use worldwide — a figure it originally announced in its last quarterly financial earnings call — and armed with its 25 billion download data, average download counts for users and developers can be calculated.

…complete article here


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