Updated : iPad3 to be announced March 7th, will you buy one? (take a poll)

Update: According to rumours the iPad3 will ship to arrive in the US March 9th, for sale sometime after that. (link)

Apple has started sending out invitations to a March 7th event where they will announce…something…(link). Everyone is assuming this will be the iPad3. Amazon has already announced iPad3 help manuals for a March 29th launch.

While it will look almost identical, slightly thinner by some estimates, it will have a much higher resolution screen (2048 x 1536 or double the current iPad 2).

It will boast a faster quad-core processor (the A6 or A5X) and support the new 4G cellular data protocols from the various North American mobile carriers.

It is rumoured the camera will match the Phone 4S 8Mpixel resolution.

I guess the questions is…will you run out and buy one? Have you been holding back on an iPad2 purchase and waiting for the iPad3? Will they have enough stock for the anticipated demand? I guess we will wait and see.

Please take the poll below…


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