Repost : The future role of animated ebooks in e-publishing?

Article by eBook-expert, posted on eBook Forum…

I read an article by Vito Pilieci today about the development of standardised software (by Skyreader Media) to develop animated ebooks without the need for a specialist developer. The standardisation of production for this format of ebook is a significant step towards what I believe will be the future of ebook publishing for some types of literature – especially childrens books.

The combination of the written word, animation and audio is potentially a strong one that will provide new opportunities to engage and entertain readers. Combine all of this with the potential to provide points of interaction and the possibilities are endless.

Imagine text books that feature interactive animated diagrams and charts, not sure about a point and need clarification? No problem as if you tap on the paragraph you can interact with an animated helper who will guide you and resolve your issue or answer your query.

Animated ebooks can be viewed on tablet computers as well as smartphones but importantly they cannot be viewed on eBook Readers like the Kindle and Kobo. Will this limitation hold eBook Readers back or will they develop the capability to run animated ebooks? It looks like the iPad and tablets have this part of the market covered off for the time being.

There are a number of publishers developing animated ebooks at the moment including Canadian companies Skyreader and Moving Tales. Animated ebooks are mostly targeted at children but Moving Tales has developed a animated ebooks based on classic folk tales.

UK company Vtech is another leader in the animated ebook market, this UK company produces a range of ebooks aimed at children as well as producing ebook readers specifically for each age group of kids.

It will be interesting to see this type of ebook develop as the ebook/tablet generation get older and the market for ebooks and ebook readers develops.

Do you know of any great animated ebooks you have read recently or are you maybe planning to write one? If so then leave a comment and share your story?


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