Recommended iPhone Apps

Move Over for the iPad

It’s a very hot day on the farm for the farm animals! When the duck decides to cool off, she’s joined by all of her friends, welcomed or not! See what happens when you put a duck, a pig, a rooster and a horse into a very small pool!

Get it on iTunes here

Banana Ninja for the iPad

Can Banana Ninja survive the food fight of his life? Read how Banana Ninja teams up with Cinnamon Sumo save the stock at Pat’s Corner Grocery from the evil Rat Boss.

Get it on iTunes here

Norbert Nipkin for the iPad

Robert McConnell’s perennial bestselling children’s illustrative book classic Norbert Nipkin is brought to life in this interactive children’s ebook for iPad. From the moment you touch the vibrant screen you are transported into the magic realm of Nipkins and Zlogs.

Get it on iTunes here

Skyreader Media Children’s eBooks

– web site here (on itunes)

Mine Blast

– web site here (on itunes)


– web site here (on itunes)


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