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Stephen Davis, P.Eng

  • Professional engineer (PEO) with 25 years of experience in the field of enterprise software design, embedded software, network communications and network security systems design
  • Experienced product architect I have worked with a small and medium size companies to assist, guide, shape and implement their product development strategy
  • Experienced team builder and leader I am able to quickly assess the needs of a company and build and shape a team to deliver the required software product
  • Experienced with Agile development methods I am able to develop and implement development processes that are robust enough to deliver quality products while being flexible enough to respond to the fast changing market demands for software
  • Marketing specialist with experience in social media, viral marketing as well as both mass market and high touch software marketing and customer interactions
  • Member of PEO with a B.Eng in System Engineering from Carleton University, 1986


CTO – Skyreader Media Inc

November 2011 – Present

Skyreader Media is a publisher of mobile apps for the iPad. We have a history of creating great entertainment – now we’re bringing it to interactive story apps for children. With our proprietary technology platform, and over 4,500 children’s book titles under license we are bringing lots of Great Stories to children and parents in New Ways.

CTO – Privasoft Corporation

May 2007 – March 2011

Privasoft is the world leader in case management and document redaction software targeted at the Access to Information and Freedom of Information sector.

As CTO (also functioning as VP of Engineering) I was instrumental in moving the company from a customer focused software development company to a market focused product development company. In addition to leading the R&D and QA groups through the delivery of five major product enhancements and reducing the defect backlog to zero through a series of maintenance releases I was required to develop the 2 and 5 year product roadmap and re-work the internal R&D and QA processes to more quickly and efficiently deliver product into the market in Canada (bilingual version), the US and the UK.

CTO – Zendo Media Inc _ Mobile Content Distribution

October 2006 – May 2007

  • Architected a handset-agnostic mobile content management and delivery system for games, ringtones, images and videos.
  • Developed a unique image and video transcode-on-demand server to greatly reduce the advance processing of content prior to upload to the content management system.
  • Negotiate and license content deals.
  • Evangelism and deployment of NewMedia channels to market.
  • Application of mobile technology to deliver products and service to mobile consumers.
  • Deliver multimedia digital content to mobile consumers.
  • Premiere content aggregator.
  • Transforming the mobile handset into a powerful communication and entertainment device.

CTO – Tvidia Corp – Mobile Age Verification

February 2004 – September 2006

As CTO of this new venture I was responsible for architecting the company’s mobile content distribution platform and identity management infrastructure.

Working closely with content providers and NA mobile operators Tvidia defined a new way of delivering content and ensuring that it reached the correct users. Age classified content, age sensitive content delivery and identity management allowed the mobile operators to deliver more finely tuned services and enhance revenue extraction.

While designing the various system components both hardware and software I worked closely with the CEO and VP of Business Development to refine the business plan present the corporate direction to potential investors, channel partners and content owners.

Director Application Engineering – Elliptic Semiconductor Inc – Mobile Security Modules

Oct 2002 – November 2005

Working with a small group of engineers I assisted in determining the scope of requirements for a low power wireless TCP/IP and security accelerator. This included architecting the host software, libraries, APIs, drivers and embedded firmware required to support the hardware acceleration components that allow the resulting IC to work correctly in various embedded and host-based operating systems. My work also included working closely with the IC design team to ensure that the correct functions were implemented in the IC to properly support the host operating system.

In addition to ongoing system architecture I worked closely with the sales team in a strategic marketing role, preparing presentations and marketing literature while assisting with customer visits and conference calls. I worked closely with the engineering team to refine product direction based on customer feedback.

CEO and Founder – Totient Networks Inc.

August 2001 – May 2007

Totient Networks Inc. was a consulting company specializing in offering services to startup software and hardware companies. Some of the services offered included:

  • Strategic Marketing – Working with sales and marketing we defined and/or refined company product offerings. Performing marketing research to position a product. Meeting potential customers to establish the relationships that are critical to a new product introduction.
  • System Architecture – Working with marketing and engineering groups we developed innovative system ideas and implementation techniques leading to successful delivery of new products. We developed architecture and design specifications to combine with project plans to initiate successful development of new products.
  • Software and System Design Services – Working from detailed design specifications we brought projects from concept to product. We developed software, hardware and systems components to support the product.

Director Strategic Marketing – Chrysalis-ITS – E-Commerce Security Acceleration

March 1999 – August 2001

  • Responsible for forward-looking investigation of new technologies applicable to security ICs and interaction with advance network ICs and network systems
  • Responsible for creating, defending and evolving the IC roadmaps, hardware, software and boards
  • Interacted with ASIC architects to ensure proper interpretation of IC specifications
  • Interacted with software architects to ensure complete and consistent software development environment for Ics
  • Interacted with the Sales and Marketing to interpret market and customer requirements and ensure IC roadmap was responsive to the changing market demands
  • Developed Marketing Specifications to start the product development cycles, working with sales, marketing and product management to ensure that the proper business case was established for each IC.
  • Worked to develop strategic partnerships with companies in complementary markets to ensure that Chrysalis-ITS customers could be presented with a complete system solution

CTO and Founder – muDelta Systems Inc. – Software Consulting

  • March 1993 – March 1999

Product Mananger – Davis Engineering Limited

  • May 1991 – March 1993

Software Engineer – Gandalf Data Limited

  • August 1989 – May 1991

Software Designer – CAL Corporation

  • May 1987 – August 1989


Carleton University – B.Eng, – 1986 – Computer Systems Engineering


Object Selection across Multiple Processes

Packet Encryption System and Method

Calculating apparatus having a plurality of stages

Methods and apparatus for pipeline processing of encryption data

System and Method for Secure Data Distribution and Retrieval using Encrypted Media

Selective Video Encryption Method and Apparatus

Method for inserting/removal padding from packets

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