My Borderlands addiction has returned!!!

Downloaded and started playing the latest Borderlands add-on on xbox360…

Now my addiction to this game has returned. I thought I had kicked he habit once I had completed the game, I am not one to do a second run through a game to just to push up my experience level, although I have started a play through in co-op mode with my son. I also don’t seem to have the vocabulary (swearing) or the desire to be humiliated by some 10 year old hot shot for the online mode.

This add on starts seamlessly where the full game left off, I am only a couple hours in but here are my general impressions:

1. Having to drive from T-Bone junction to the latest mission each time you restart is just stupid. I understand they can’t put quick travel points everywhere but this is ridiculous.It takes 10 minutes to fight your way from one end of the highway to the other, just so you can start where you left off the previous night. You can quit/save the game and warp back to T-Bone Junction when you are done but you can’t go the other way, bad design.

2. The power ups you get from killing the soldiers are an interesting addition and provide that extra bit necessary to fight through the seemingly endless stream of enemies. Be careful when the shock core runs out of power though, it tends to give you a little jolt…it knocked me off a bridge one time…died real nice 🙂

3. Interesting new vehicles, Monster, Racer, Lancer (so far).

4. Important safety tip, the Crimson Lancer vehicles driving on the highway are not aggressive, they will just drive by, unless you panic and attack them, in which case you explode really quick 🙂

5. Supposedly there are new weapons, shields etc, but I haven’t been able to upgrade any of my gear yet.

The new missions and enemies are excellent and I have been dragged back in just as quickly as with the original game. I recommend it. More details later.

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