Comment On : Protesting the Olympics: For and Against

Feb. 11, 2010 – Original Post Here

My concern, as always in these situations is that the protests will turn violent, they always do. I doubt 1 in 20 protesters even know what they are protesting about or can in 100 words or less tell you why they are attending the rally. They are there to do stupid, violent things and brag about it afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are real social and environmental issues that have been “over looked” in preparing for the Olympics, the displaced homeless, the aboriginal land claims, the environmental concerns around the various development, but protesting during the Olympics is too late, it is nothing but protest cinema.

And the violence has no place here at all. Where were these concerned citizens two years ago during the planning of the games. Why not try to work inside the system instead of lying in the middle of the road crying, stomping your feet and complaining no one listens?

The protesters have every right to make their views known but when they attempt to extend that right to include disruption of my life, and my activities and destruction of my property then we have a responsibility to show them the proper way to act. The anarchists have nothing to lose, they came into our house, they are breaking the windows, ripping up the flowers and leaving muddy footprints on the carpet. Activities that have nothing to do with the reason that the protest rally is underway.

I have a suggestion, we are expecting 250,000 visitors to the games, there are millions of people already in Vancouver, let them join the rally, overwhelm the protesters with support for the games, drown out the noise and negative attitudes.

It will be an overwhelming show of our community support for the positive aspects of the Olympics, support for the amazing impact of sports on our society and our young people. Support for the role models that the Olympic athletes are, whether they realize it or not. A non-violent approach to a violent problem. A solution by the people, for the people. We have just as much a right to show support as the protesters do to oppose.


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