Comment On : Anarchy Threatens the Protest

From Feb. 10, 2010 – Original Post Here

Instead of passively accepting the violence that these protesters will wreak upon the city of Vancouver why not mobilize the positive support for the Olympics and show them that we, as a society, are not interested in the noise they make.

There is a time and place for everything. I am sure there has been amble opportunity for the people with actual vested interest in the societal problems exasperated by the preparation for the Olympics to be heard.

I am sure some concerns have been already been addressed and the $10B windfall from the Olympics will be available to redress more of these problems.

$10B that would not have been available if the Olympics never came to Vancouver.

Why do we have to tolerate violence for the sake of violence. Take a stand and show that the invisible majority are no longer willing to put up with this crap.


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