Violently in favour of the Olympics

Two days to go before the biggest event in Vancouver, hell in Canada, in many years, the 2010 Winter Olympics, visitors are pouring in to Vancouver, volunteers from all over the world are heading there to help out and be involved. Literally billions of people are planning the next two weeks around the schedule of their favorite sport.

Most importantly the athletes are making their way to Vancouver, excited, anxious, scared, exhilarated. For some it is their first time on the world stage, for others it is old hat, just another world championship, or maybe it is their chance to secure a place in the history of their sport with one more medal.

For the next two weeks Vancouver and Whistler are THE places to be.

Of course the Olympics will also attract the celebrities and the publicity hounds, those who just want to catch the edge of the spotlight and be seen rubbing shoulders with the real stars of the show. I can tolerate that, you kind of expect that from the illuminated ones.

Less tolerable, much less tolerable are the professional protesters and anarchists that will converge on Vancouver to poison the atmosphere, scare the visitors and locals and launch violent protests in support whatever cause they use to justify their continued existence.

And we as Canadian, eternally complacent Canadians, will act upset and write in opposition of the violence but will not personally do anything about about it. We will sit back and wait for the Vancouver Police, the RCMP or the Canadian Border services to solve the problem for us.

Border Services says they are going to try to keep the protester out.

I can just picture the scene:

Day 1

Customs Agent: “Why are you coming to Canada?”

Protester: “To stage a violent protest in support of aboriginal land claims in Vancouver.”

Customs Agent: “Sorry, I can’t allow that, back you go.”

Day 2

Customs Agent: “Why are you coming to Canada?”

Protester: “To attend a peaceful, anti-homeless protest in Vancouver.”

Customs Agent: “Sorry, not allowed, please turn around.”

Day 3

Customs Agent: “Why are you coming to Canada?”

Protester: “To visit my grandmother and take her to the figure skating competition at Canada Place Arena.”

Customs Agent: “Awesome, have fun.”

Maybe we will keep the stupid ones out but that’s about it.

And the protests will turn violent, they always do. Even though I doubt 1 in 20 protesters even know what they are protesting about or can in 100 words or less tell you why they are attending the rally. They are there to do stupid, violent things and brag about it afterwards.

These are the bullies that we all grew up with, and not even the really good bullies, the ones that did it solo. These are the group bullies, the ones that hid behind the crowd and threw bottles. The ones that have no opinions, no independent thoughts, no dreams or aspirations of their own. They simply want to destroy what other people have build because seeing someone else succeed makes them realize they are small and insignificant.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are real social and environmental issues that have been “over looked” in preparing for the Olympics, the displaced homeless, the aboriginal land claims, the environmental concerns around the new Whistler highway, but protesting during the Olympics is too late, it is nothing but protest cinema.

Where where these concerned citizens two years ago during the planning of the games. Why not try to work inside the system instead of lying in the middle of the road crying, stomping your feet and complaining no one listens?

They are bullies, plain and simple, and in my experience the only way to win against bullies is to beat them at their own game. School yard bullies win because they realize you are afraid of getting hurt. They know you won’t fight back and they take advantage of that. If you were to punch a bully in the face every time he (or she) came near you he (or she) would start to think twice before they approached. Even if they got to pummel you each time, they would have to pay a price for the privileged.

Standing up to bullies is not something we teach in society any more. We are told to talk to them, to tell the teacher, in some cases we even treat the bully as the victim.

In this case we, as a society, sit back and wait for the police to fix the problem. We hope that we do not have to deal with the protesters, that they don’t inconvenience our visit to the Olympics, that they don`t wreak our stuff.

We are anticipating 1,500 protesters in the rally on the 13th. I assume there will be 500 police following along while allowing them to exercise their “right” to protest. Shit will really hit the fan when it starts to get ugly.

What about out right to enjoy a civil society? To not worry about being exposed to violence? What about our rights to not have our property destroyed and our city disrupted?

I have a creative solution to this problem…there are already 25,000 volunteers at the Olympics, if we were to take 15,000 of them, 10 for each protester and have them join the rally. Give them yellow shirts with happy faces on them so we know who they are. I am sure the rally organizers will be happy that they have a nice big crowd. But as soon as things get out of hand the volunteers will simply sit on each protester until they stop being idiots. It will take longer for some but I am sure they will stop eventually.

They are expecting 250,000 visitors to the games, give them yellow shirts as well, overwhelm the protesters with support for the games, down out the noise and negative.

It will be an overwhelming show of our support for the positive aspects of the Olympics, support for the amazing impact of sports on our society and our young people. Support for the role models that the Olympic athletes are, whether they realize it or not.

A non-violent approach to a violent problem. A solution by the people, for the people. We have just as much a right to show support as the protesters do to oppose.

If we can’t get the volunteers or visitors organized in time then what about mobilizing the athletes themselves. They have the most to gain from avoiding this distraction. There are 5,500 athletes and officials here for the games, 4 times as many as the protesters. Some of those bobsledders are freaking huge, the hockey players already know how to throw with the best of them, hell the bi-athletes even have their own guns.

It is time to stop being complacent.  Time to stop assuming someone else will solve all our problems, if you support the Olympics, if you have any clue as to the time, effort and dedication required to get there as an athlete then don’t let a bunch of professional anarchists destroy it, fight back.

Don’t let the bullies win.

I am trying to buy my airline ticket online now…where is Uzbekistan?..that is the only connection I can get!

Anyone have a couch I can sleep on while I am there?

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2 thoughts on “Violently in favour of the Olympics

  1. Sounds like The Revenge of the Couch Potatoes, but the idea of filling the streets with Olympics supporters is worth considering. And the sofa dweller is just the right profile. Anyone with an activist bone in their body is likely to get actively entangled in the debate.

    Of course, the Olympic Resistance Network has already spread the word that their ranks will be swelled by Mom n’ Pop teams. Could that be because they fear the efficiency of the screeners at ports of entry? But oh, the image this brings to mind … custard pies at 30 paces … streets running red with cranberry juice … grannies raging at the lamp posts.

    Protest leaders equate the Olympics with capitalism, as if there are going to be enough medals in circulation to float a global currency. Already they are touting Friday’s rally and march as an occasion “to give Capitalism a massive coronary.” Who would have imagined they meant to give aging agitators cardiac arrests?

    A surge of supporters in distinctive T-shirts would quickly be separated from the protest marchers by police squads accustomed to keeping them apart. That would give the cameras something else to capture. But it would set up a visually arresting conflict scenario that would actually help the media tell the anarchists’ story.

    Only by swamping the protest ranks with smiling faces would have your desired effect … and the forces of law and order would see it as too big a risk.

    Vigilantism had its place in the Old West, but this time a call to arm chairs might be more in order.


    1. The Vigilante, it conjures up images of posses of farm hands chasing cattle rustlers or Dog the Bounty Hunter.

      I am not suggesting we grab the neighbors, head down to Berkeley and roust the anarchists from the hemp cafes where they squander their non-protest hours trying to act emotionally uninterested and socially detached. But I am suggesting that standing up for our own rights and protecting our own property is not an activity that we are accustomed to having to perform.

      The protesters have every right to make their views known but when they attempt to extend that right to include disruption of my life, and my activities and destruction of my property then we have a responsibility to show them the proper way to act.

      The anarchists have nothing to loose, they came into our house, they are breaking the windows, ripping up the flowers and leaving muddy footprints on the carpet. Activities that have nothing to do with the reason that the protest rally is underway.

      Being violent in someone else’s city is easy, but standing up to this type of civil disobedience in your own neighborhood is harder. What would the neighbors think? What would my kids think? What if, heaven forbid, I ended up spending a night in jail? How do I explain that to the wife or my boss? What if I miss a day of work? Do you actually think the anarchists do that same type of rationalization?

      Why are we afraid of standing up for our own rights, protecting our own interests?

      Forget the yellow shirts…if that allows the police to remove the “good guys” from the crowd for their own protection then dress like a protester. But swell the ranks of the rally with well behaved, socially responsible people. If (and when) the violence starts…stop it…end it before it starts.

      I have always told my kids that talk is the right solution to any conflict, reason, joke, talk, rationalize or even walk away.

      But…and it is a big but…if the fight starts, end it…quickly, efficiently and with resolve.

      They will see the end game, the determination in your eyes and if they are smart will not resort to violence.

      Let them have their say, make their points…but do not let them step on the roses.

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