Shit…I guess it is time for me to put up or shut up.

I will save my pennies and buy an Apple iPad (64 Gbyte version of course) when it is available in Canada. I have been saying for years that when a company finally released a tablet the size of a magazine I would buy it…well here it is.

Upholding this proclamation will not be as expensive as the one I ducked out from under when I told my brothers that if I ever needed surgery and had to wait more than a month I would go to the US to get it…screw the Canadian Health Care System. It turns out when you are looking down the barrel of an estimated $10K bill to fix a torn ACL (knee ligament…soccer injury) plus travel costs you blink…I can wait 6 months…no problems…but that is another story.

At first glance the iPad looks glorious.

Everything I dreamed it would be, but still, the more I look at it, the more I read about, the itchier I get.

Let’s start with the name…with all the marketing muscle and genius at Apple could we not come up with a fancier name? And they still have trademark issues with Fujitsu. To quote my 13 year old daughters…come’on…seriously? This ranks up there with all the classic Windows blue screens of death during Bill Gates ComDev demos. Tell me someone isn’t walking the streets looking for work in Cupertino because of that fuck up.

And why did they have to make it look like a big phone? Will anyone take me seriously when I take that thing out of my backpack? I understand the convenience of compatible operating system and hardware and developers environment but this is a tablet not a small PDA, it deserves a bigger operating system.

Will I be able to edit documents and not just view them? UPDATE…my bad…need to do better research before I spout off…iWork for iPad is available at only $10 per app from the AppStore.

Can I do anything more than just run Google Apps…will a version of Open Office suddenly appear to turn this into a real business platform and not just a big toy?

Can I finally stop taking my laptop with me when I travel?

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Tablets have never taken off, I believe, mainly because of Windows.

Tablets need the 10 hour battery life, they need real touch manipulation, they don’t need a keyboard, when you are running Windows (or any desktop operating system) you just can’t get there. But no hardware manufacturer in their right mind would make a tablet that didn’t run Windows, regardless of whether they could or not. Who would buy it, what apps would it run? Microsoft is simultaneously trying to address the tablet market with new features and killing it with the sheer weight of the monstrosity that is Windows 7.

Apple is likely the only company capable of pulling this thing off. All the other e-readers are too limited, the PDAs and phones are too small, netbooks are brain dead.

I will buy this, just like I have bought every other high tech toy that came anywhere close to being the replacement for my handy engineering notebook (which I still carry everywhere with me) but I have some serious questions that, when answered, will determine whether this is a real platform or just a big freaking phone:

1. Can I edit documents and not just view them? Without this I need network connectivity to upload to Google Apps which is painful when I am traveling. (as mentioned about iWork for iPad…one down 5 answers to go 😉

2. Will it blue-tooth tether with my iPhone? The last thing I need is a built-in 3G adapter for an extra $150 and another frigging cell phone account…and WiFi only is a non-starter (ok not really but I will be pissed the entire time I am using it).

3. Why no GPS? It seems that would have been incredibly simple to add.

4. No memory slot? Now I have to sync with a PC to transfer files or use email or the web, again a weird (but likely very deliberate) oversight.

5. What will the new iPad apps look like? Initially we will just see a bunch of iPhone apps running in “really big” mode, just like on the Apple web site. Just what I need an 9×11 inch image of my mom staring me in the face when I pull up her contact information. Will the iPad adapt to the bigger apps? Will Apple allow the apps that need to be created to exist on this platform?

6. Will Apple allow custom development to occur on the iPad…just like any other portable platform companies will want to use the iPad for proprietary applications, the current iPhone development environment does not support this very well. Allowing this will enable Apple to gain more credibility outside the normal iMac circles and convert more Windows users to the cause.

Alright…getting my VISA ready…when is it available?

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2 Comments on “iPad…seriously?

  1. re time for me to put up or shut up.
    DOH! I’m coming to that realization now as well, what ever solves the problem at hand is, chances are, the right solution. Especially if it’s affordable/cheap/not gonna cost you an arm’n’a leg.

    I’m looking at starting “small” though and “investigating” the ipod touch to replace my DayTimer. There just isn’t anything worthwhile in the PDA market supported by MS. :<

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