Chrysalis-ITS Announces Network Security Processors.

Press Release – 4/26/2000 3:00 PM EDT

(PDF, Link)

Burlingame, CA–April 25, 2000–Chrysalis-ITS, developer of systemand semiconductor products for networks and e-business,announced a new class of network security processors at the NextGeneration Networks Conference.

As the core networking hardware market evolves from fast rigid ASICs, to new fast and flexible Network Processors,network security processing becomes extremely important, the company said. The newLuna 340 multi-processor system-on-a-chip technology with optimized firmware,real-time operating system, and developer API provides systems architectswith network security processing solution for next generation networking equipment. Other planned devices in the Luna NSPseries target a range of applications.

The device, the ocmpany said, is the first cryptographic accelerator with a combination offlexibility to keep up with protocol changes and performance to meet thedemand of high growth VPNs and e-commerce servers.

The company said it is responding to the need for specializedsecurity processing to complement rapidly evolving packet processingcapabilities. For encryption and authentication to become ubiquitous, it isabsolutely mandatory that network security processing capabilities evolve inparallel with packet processing and switch fabric capabilities, the company said.

The Luna 340 supports a set of encryption algorithms andprotocols. In addition, it already supports all of the contendersfor the new AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Security features including RNGcapability, zeroize circuitry, battery backed NVRAM and real-time clockallow system designers to meet FIPS 140-1 level 3 security validation, according to the company.

An evaluation board and software development kit are offered for the LunaNSP development platform. The development platform allows designers tointerface with the Luna 340 at the application layer and take advantage of awide range of layer 2 and 3 security protocols, asymmetric/symmetriccryptographic algorithms and packet processing functions.

Chrysalis-ITS is currently “engaging with qualified lead customers” who areinterested in evaluating the NSP development platform.

Ottawa, Canada


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