Announcing Tvidia Verify


Tvidia Verify™ an age verification solution empowers mobile network operators
(MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), as well as, content
aggregators to take effective measures to protect consumers. In short,
Verify ensures underage consumers are protected and not exposed to age
inappropriate digital content that permeates the internet and is readily accessible
via consumer electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs and PCs.
Verify is the only product of its kind offering protection for consumers
from inappropriate content and includes powerful features such as
parental controls. Whereby, parents and guardians have the means to
take control of junior’s mobile device and be able to manage what junior
may view. Parents/Guardians are also able to register the handset and
disable all access to restricted online content, such as: gambling games,
games with excessive violence and the like.

Tvidia Verify delivers effective access controls in an end-to-end delivery
process and yet simple enough to impart an enjoyable consumer experience.
Verify requires mobile subscribers to provide personal information
against which the user’s age and credentials are authenticated. Upon
successful authentication of user age, the user and their mobile device
are registered and access to restricted or non-restricted content is
allowed. Verify intercepts all requests for access to restricted content to
validate user/device are register and user meets age criteria to purchase
or view requested content. Tvidia Verify, is a powerful and feature rich
application which controls viewing of digital content. Broadly speaking,
content can be categorized into restricted and non-restricted, where the
former requires verification of user age prior to access.

The company’s Tvidia Verify product addresses diverse usage scenarios
and can be deployed within the private and public networks. The most
common scenarios are internet, mobile internet, VoD, Wi-Fi and around
the corner IPTV all of which require authentication of users prior to
accessing information or services. Verify has been build from the ground
up and removes the complexity of authenticating users and devices,
while flexible enough to integrate into new and/or legacy infrastructures.

Successful registration will present the User Profile Management
GUI. Through this interface, user is able to set a personalized
PIN (personal identification number) which can be used together
with the mobile device number to access UPM for future profile
updates. The user will be prompted for the PIN, when accessing
restricted Web/WAP menu links; or viewing restricted content
already downloaded to the handset. Benefit of this feature provides
for registered user to share the mobile device with another
person, e.g. child, and that person is prohibited from accessing
age restricted content without this PIN.
In the process of delivering “Empowerment and Control”, we
paid close attention to details for those times when customers
need that personal touch. Tvidia’s customer support interface is
simple and easy to use while being intuitive. At no time is customer
support personnel ever privy to personal user information.
Designed for rapid deployment and easy integration, the solution
is technology agnostic and leverages existing carrier and/or
content aggregator infrastructures and provisions for the
protection of users’ personal data and compliance to industry
accepted privacy policies.

Use of Tvidia Verify solution strengthens and streamlines authentication
of user credentials which allows carriers and content
aggregators the freedom and control to respond agilely to new
opportunities and changing markets.
For more information about Tvidia Corp. or Tvidia Verify, please
call +1.613.271.3619 or email Visit us at for more information.
Modular and Flexible
Infrastructure agnostics — can integrate within existing and/or
new deployments for purposes of authenticating user credentials
against industry standard databases.
Multi-Level Authentication
With Tvidia Verify, partners can choose from multi-level user
validation to suit their application.
User & Device Registration
The nucleus of Tvidia Verify is the one time registration (OTR) of
the user, verification of user credentials and the consumer device.
Parental Control
Parents and guardians now have the ability to disable mobile
device(s) from accessing inappropriate digital content. Tvidia
Verify places control over what ‘junior’ is able to view.
PIN (optional)
Carriers and users have the ability to enable/disable use of PIN
on a per access to the Web/WAP deck.
Carriers can offer ‘lockout’ feature. No access to WAP/Web

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