Introducing the Luna-340

The Luna 340 series is a family of flexible, high performance integrated
network security processors supported by an extensive development
suite including algorithm libraries, drivers and API. Luna 340, which
employs multiple optimized RISC cores, leverages Chrysalis-ITS
expertise in trusted systems and cryptographic processing to provide an
overall solution that reduces time-to-market. Cryptographic algorithms
and protocols can be seamlessly offloaded providing hundreds of times
performance improvement. Flexibility means that systems can be
quickly upgraded to take advantage of changes to security protocols or
evolving standards. Dual PCI buses double throughput and enable both
a flow-through and co-processor architecture.

The Luna 340 supports a comprehensive set of algorithms and
protocols. In addition, the Luna 340 is capable of supporting the new
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

An evaluation board and software development kit are offered in the
Luna NSP development platform. The development platform allows
designers to interface with the Luna 340 at the application layer and take
advantage of a wide range of layer 2 and 3 security protocols,
asymmetric/symmetric cryptographic algorithms and packet processing

The Luna 340 architecture is highly scaleable allowing Chrysalis-ITS
to offer a range of devices to meet performance requirements in various
systems while maintaining the same development platform to build on
customers software investment.

Product Highlights
! Extensive software tools and
development environment
! Integrated Secret and Public Key
encryption processing
! Multi-Protocol support
! Parallel processors utilizing
embedded RISC cores with
optimized cryptographic
! Control CPU
! Dual PCI 2.2 compliant 32-bit 66
MHz PCI buses
! PCI host and bus mastering
! Global memory
! Phase Locked Loop
! Expansion port for external
Typical Applications
! E-Commerce Servers
! Web Switches
! Mid and Hi-range Routers
! Remote Access Servers
! Multi-service Access Routers
! Cable head-end systems
! Wireless access equipment
! Asynchronous Transfer Mode


IPSec-ESP (3DES-CBC/MD5) at 150Mbps ! 205 IKE SA tunnel-setups/sec, 205 SSL sessions/sec
full duplex ! RC4 200Mbps
! Bulk DES encryption up to Gigabit Ethernet ! MD5 200 Mbps
! SHA-1 180 Mbps
! 100,000 security associations

Encryption algorithms supported:
! DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, MARS, Rijndael*, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST, IDEA, MD2,
MD4, MD5, SHA-1, RIPE-MD(128 and 160), HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA-1, RSA, DSA, Diffie-Hellman,
n n ECDSA (over GF(p) and GF(2 )), ECC (over GF(p) and GF(2 )), Esign, ElGamal, GSM A3, A5 & A8.
Protocols supported:
! IPSec (AH & ESP), IKE, MPPE, L2TP, SSL v2 and v3, TLS, SKIP, SMIME, SET, PPP DES and 3DES, PPP
CHAP, Microsoft CHAP v1 and v2, SPKM, SSH, RADIUS, ATM Security Specification 1.0
Global Features:
! IEEE 1149.1 JTAG interface
! Built-in-self-test for memory testing
! Real time clock
! On-chip programmable PLL
! 304 contact thermal enhanced BGA package
Security Features:
! Random noise source input for internal
ANSI X9.17 random number generator
! Zeroize circuitry
! Battery backed NVRAM for optional secure boot
! Facilitates FIPS 140-1 Level 3 security validation

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