Announcing the InterDac-360

Ottawa, ON, May 1, 1998 —New generation of single board products revolutionizes internet data acquisition and control

Martinho-Davis‚ InterDAC technology leverages existing network infrastructure for more comprehensive, cost-effective data acquisition and control.

Martinho-Davis Systems Inc. announces a new

family of stand-alone, internet accessible data and control systems that

allows users to monitor and control remote sensors without having to

re-design protocols and communications systems.

            Called the InterDAC 360 and InterDAC 300, these fully programmed board-level products offer superior price/performance and functionality over PC card-based alternatives.

            “A lot of people have been making noise about stand-alone internet data acquisition products, but there hasn’t been a lot to show for it until now,”

says John Martinho, president of Martinho-Davis. “Rather than relying on

network access to a remote PC/Card, InterDAC technology provides a single board pre-programmed, stand alone solution that leverages existing network


            “Any person in any location – whether in the engineering office, another building, or around the world – can perform monitoring and control functions – from any desk top computer.”

            He adds that InterDAC internet acquisition cards are simpler to configure and install in the field than integrated PCs and require no custom software development. They allow users to access data using a standard WEB 

browser. “They’re essentially an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that can be set up anywhere there is a network connection,” says Martinho. The InterDAC also

– more –

supports SNMP access and can leverage existing network monitoring software.

            With a board-level network data acquisition and control system,

integrators, design engineers and OEMs can take full advantage of the ease

of use and functionality to develop more cost-effective ‘network ready’


      Features of the InterDAC 360 and 300 include:

•    TCP/IP access, including         • HTTP

                                                            • TELNET

                                                            • SNMP        

•    Complete pre-programming

•    3 serial ports configurable for RS-232 or RS-485

•    Ethernet port with AUI and 10BaseT connectors

•    8 analog output and 8 analog input channels, 24 bits of digital I/O

      (InterDAC 360)

•    8 digital channels (InterDAC 300)

•    Real-time clock (battery back-up)

•    EEPROM memory (1024 bytes)

•    Memory file system

•    Flash Memory file system

•    16 MB DRAM capable (4 MB standard)

•    Buffered processor bus for custom daughter boards

            InterDAC products are manufactured and marketed in North America by Martinho-Davis Systems Inc. For more information, visit the Martinho-Davis website at

            Martinho-Davis Inc. is an Ottawa-based systems integrator that provides cost-effective, high quality systems solutions to private corporations and public institutions. The company provides innovative solutions to customer problems by applying a wide range of technologies, from custom software components and real-time embedded systems, to wireless networks.

Martinho-Davis also provides a complete range of systems engineering services, including customer software and hardware design, development and integration.

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