Expo’86 – CN Pavilion – Motion Exhibits

The 1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication, or simply Expo 86, was a World’s Fair held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from May 2 until October 13, 1986. The fair, the theme of which was “Transportation and Communication: World in Motion – World in Touch”, coincided with Vancouver’s centennial and was held on the north shore of False Creek. (Wikipedia link)

Pavilion Memory Album here

The Canadian National pavilion stood beneath a translucent canopy suspended from a 15 metre high steel latticework frame.  This award winning pavilion, consisting of open-air displays and a circular theatre, was devoted to the theme “Carrying Things” and the importance in daily life of moving materials and information.  During the fair, Canadian National also celebrated their 150th anniversary as Canada’s first public railway operation.

Outdoors, the exhibit was aptly named “commMotion.”  Visitors pedalled furiously on stationary bicycles to make a hula hoop rise.  A giant red cube accelerated down a four-storey ramp, while nearby, a dramatic blue parachute was cranked to the top of a mast.  All the “commMotion” was designed to teach visitors, in a fun way, how Isaac Newton’s four principles of motion — uniform, circular, accelerated and oscillatory —  work in our world.

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